Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital Security Pgs. 33-35

1.  This is always a topic of interest to all of us, right?  Has this topic been addressed at your school with both teaches and students?  If so, how?

2.  How would you rate yourself in regards to adhering to save digital security practices?  Your students (in general)?  Teachers at your school (in general)?


  1. Through the speeches to our students by Mr. Stamp, I think our school has addressed the need to maintain safe digital practices in school and at home; however, I don't think that students necessary follow the advice that we give them (especially at the middle school level due to their invincibility). Mr. Stamp's presentation was embraced by the younger students (grades 5 & 6), yet I am not sure it had the same effect on our older students (who also had the Not My Kid presentations).

    In terms of my own digital security, I would consider myself a little OCD as I need to back everything up and maintain a secure computer network due to my past internship in Computer Operations. I try to change all of my passwords on a regular basis to eliminate any foul play, but could improve my digital safety. As for other students and teachers at the school, I believe that it could vary widely from safe to downright dangerous. I doubt many people even give much credence to cyber-safety until it is too late. Even the most ardent person can still make a simple mistake that will create an opening for bad things to occur.

  2. I can't say that we have had any student presentations on security, but I know we teachers are reminded often to guard our passwords. I do try to get my students to memorize their usernames and passwords in order to eliminate the use of cards with this information written down, but that takes time with first graders.
    Personally, I don't write down passwords for fear of them being discovered, but I have a bad habit of having a few passwords that I use for everything because they are easy to remember and I don't have to write them down. Kind of a Catch 22 I guess!

  3. Security is something I have stressed over and over to my 4th graders. We have discussed not signing up for websites without their parents knowing or sharing their private information. When blogging, we've discussed using a nickname or first name only. I realize that I should practice the same type of security with myself. I also have the same issue that Jen mentioned with passwords.

  4. We have a solid policy (part of our PBIS school-wide discipline plan) about passwords and logins. Our principal has reminded people of this. Most people comply.

    Still, I go in the computer lab and see that a teacher posts her OWN login and password for all her students to use. UGH. Another teacher refuses to look up her student logins/passwords, saying "I don't have time."

    Is digital security optional for teachers? Are we just going to say that it is important and hope people comply? What are next steps?