Thursday, January 20, 2011

Understanding the Elements Pgs.36-37

Thinking about the students you work with, what "element of digital citizenship" do you think you school should focus on?  (Reference - pg. 36, next to last paragraph.)

Digital Security Pgs. 33-35

1.  This is always a topic of interest to all of us, right?  Has this topic been addressed at your school with both teaches and students?  If so, how?

2.  How would you rate yourself in regards to adhering to save digital security practices?  Your students (in general)?  Teachers at your school (in general)?

Reading for Jan/Feb 2011 Pgs. 21-37

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The reading is a bit longer this time 
so I broke it down for each blog post.  
I thought it might be easier to 
chunk the readings/postings. 

Digital Literacy pgs 21-23

Pg. 22, second paragraph....

"Teachers need to be taught how to use technology to stimulate student learning".  What is your interpretation of this statement?

Digital Etiquette Pgs. 24-26

The term Digital Etiquette has been around for awhile.  When the we first started using email (in the 90s) we used the term netiquette, generally referring to proper email use.  Obviously, the term has expanded to mean so much more.

With technology being part of most school curriculum do you feel most teachers, including yourselves, are adequately trained to teach this the topic of Digital Etiquette?

Digital Law Pgs. 26-28

Pg. 26, Essential Questions.

"Are students using technology the way it was intended?"   My question...what was the original intention of technology?  I realize this is may be a vague question, but, one worth discussing.  My thoughts - was there really an end-goal in mind when the personal computer first became available to the general public, and, then to education?

Digital Rights & Responsibilities Pgs. 29-31

In regards to inappropriate use of technology in the is this handled at your site? 

Digital Health & Wellness Pgs. 31-33

Every time I read information about digital health and wellness I find myself at a loose.  Are you aware of this (both the physical and mental aspect) when you are using technology? Do you ever have discussions with your students?