Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Digital Communication

Essential Questions

  • Do I use email, cell phone and instant messaging technologies appropriately when communicating with others?
  • What rules, options, and etiquette do students need to be aware of when using digital communication technologies?

Digital Commerce

Essential Questions

  • Are students aware of the opportunities and problems associated  with purchasing items using technology?  (Are teachers aware?)
  • Should students be made more aware of how to purchase goods and services through digital formats?

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

In the next reading we will start talking about 3 of the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship...Digital Access, Digital Commerce and Digital Communication.  (Pages 13-21)

Digital Access
Essential Questions from the book (and the starting point of this blog posting).

  • Does everyone in your school have equal opportunities as far as technology use is concerned?  (Everyone doesn't mean just students, think of others at your school as well.)
  • Do all students have the opportunity to be involved in a digital society?