Thursday, October 7, 2010

AUP - What is it and what does it mean to you, as a teacher?

On page 9 the authors talk about an AUP as a "stop gap measure(s)". Before we can figure out if that is true we need to have a clear understanding what an AUP is and what it means to the teacher in the classroom.

Since I look at this document from the district level it would be obvious that my point of view is going to be the legal aspect. Ho-hum and who least for right now.

Have you seen the Madison AUP and really read it? I have posted it on a wiki....

I will be inviting some "non" MICE participants to join us. This will include Ruth Catalano, Peggy George, Kim Flack and Priscilla Lundberg. They offer experience and knowledge that I am sure will add to our blog.


Looking forward to a lively discussion...:)